Monday, 13 September 2010

elecworks for SolidWorks. Electrical tools

elecworks is the 1st NextGen tool. Electrical design with mechanical integration: elecworks™ & SolidWorks

elecworks™ for SolidWorks (EW4SW) is a tool for everyone from engineers to panel builders. Through the use of cutting edge technology elecworks™ lets you realize 3D assemblies and/or cabinets, with real time data sharing and consistency checking between elecworks and SolidWorks.

Intelligent 3D Machine components can be quickly and easily placed, reducing design times, real time updates resolve errors before they can occur as changes carried out in elecworks are automatically realized in SolidWorks & vice versa. Additionally an in built messenger allows interdepartmental design collaboration.

elecworks™ for SolidWorks versions provide all the time saving tools that will allow you to realize your machine/cabinet etc. in SolidWorks; its 3D Routing & cabling module lets you take your design a step further with automatic point to point component cabling, cable segregation, raceway fill factor calculation, cable length calculations...

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intercad said...

I don't know the term 'solidwork' but I assume you mean objects of significant size (sometimes called extended objects, as opposed to point objects).. . The centre of mass (CoM) of a structure is the same as the centre of gravity (CoG) for all practical purposes. CoM and CoG are often used interchangeably though there is a subtle difference in meanings.. . An object may have a huge number of separate parts, each with its own weight. For static problems (no movement) the combined effect of these separate weights is the total weight and can be thought of as a single force acting at a single point; the point is the centre of gravity.. . If you have to do moment (torque) calculations involving an extended object, you only need to consider one force if you know where the CoG is; you don't have to deal with the weights of all the separate parts.. . There's a video in the link which might help. It also explains s the difference between CoG and CoM.

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